Wednesday, 12 March 2008


It is now 4pm and it's been nearly 11 hours and a lot of work since my early
morning blog.Iam still on my first patch and it is working GREAT!!!Never
before have i been able to last so long inbetween meals without snacking on
junk food(usually chocolate bars, crisps, donuts, all go down the same way)
and add to my balast.For years(I am 48 now) i have been trying to get rid of
my extra weight but it would only last for a week or two and then i'd be back
to snacking again, but these patches (apple diet patch) are so incredible that
they help me overcome any feelings of wanting to eat inbetween meals
because it's just sooo easy to lose it.This morning i felt so much energy
on my postmans delivery i started to run around and i haven't felt like
that in years.I do hope i can continue to lose weight everyday as it gives me
such a buzz.If you want to lose as well go to an buy yours
today.Bye for now,Paul.

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