Monday, 17 March 2008

New Week New Me.

Well it's been 7 days since i began this blog and i've managed to lose 7.5lbs which is very good
in anyones book. I am now on my 3rd patch and i don't have any of the cravings for junk food
that i 've had for most of my life.I feel great and i'm half a stone lighter i've been recommending
it to all the people i work with.I've saved £11.50 with all the junk i used to eat at work, and
i can't wait to see how much we save on our weekly shopping now that i'm not eating all the sweets, chocs and fizzy drinks YAHOO!!! Well as you can see i'm feeling in fine form on this monday afternoon looking forward to not eating too much this Easter.(FIRST TIME EVER)
If i were you and you neede to lose a few pounds or a lot of pounds i'd get to the web site as quick as i could while the special 2 for 1 offer is still on.
bye for now

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