Thursday, 13 March 2008

Day 4 Starting to Get Harder.

Jumping on the scales this morning i found to my delight that i had crossed the first
7lb barrier with a weight loss of 1.75lbs for the second day running.In 3 days i have
now lost 7.25lbs never before have i lost weight so quickly and i owe it all to the patches
i am wearing. I was very hungry this morning so i have decided to take some fruit with
me as i do my postround from now on.My willpower seems to be much stronger than it
has been upuntil now.Normally i would have felt hungry and given in with a couple of
chocolate bars by now.No longer do i seem to have a craving to continually snack on choc
bars,crisps,biscuits or fizzy drinks and the feeling is GREAT!!!
I hope i can continue to lose weight everyday and reach my target of 11.5 stones by the
end of the year not having been this weight for 17 years.
Bye for now, Paul.

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