Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Another Pound That's Great!!

Yes i jumped onto the scales this morning and found i'd lost another pound and that felt GREAT!! Now i have lost 8.5lbs in 8 days and it's all due to that wonderful patch. It just
seems to take my cravings away and has no side effects at all. I have been looking for
years for a weightloss system which is easy to do and i found it in a patch. I even took a
apple to work this morning and didn't eat that either. My wife does our weekly shopping on thursday and by now usually the sweet jar is empty due to me and the chocs in the fridge are also usually obliterated but not this week. WOW. With Easter on the way and normally in
which i normally put on a few more pounds what a great time to get control of my eating
habits.Easter bring it on!!
bye for now

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