Wednesday, 19 March 2008

It Just Keeps Falling Off.

Hi everybody today i weigh 1.75lbs less than yesterday and i want to shout it from the rooftops.
That means that in 9days i have lost 10.25lbs and i owe it all to that incredible patch.My family
are just waiting for me to go back to the chocolates and sweets and after trying to lose weight for
nearly 10 years and always failing who can blame them, but with this diet patch it just feels different like i don't have to try at all. When i reached 16stones last monday i knew it was make or break time for me.At work delivering mail was getting a lot harder and the time i was taking was getting longer and longer,so some how things would have to change, then when i was on holiday i found a website that i hoped would change all that, sent for the patch and here i am 10.25lbs lighter and feeling better than ever. Today i weigh 15st 4lbs and i can't wait to get over the 14 st barrier. With my trusty patch on i know i can do it and as i lose more weight i know i'll want to exercise more and get to my target all the much quicker.So i hope this blog is helping you to give the patch a try. Iam a real person with a weight problem who has found the answer in a patch. If you would like to try it yourself then go to:
you'll be glad you did.
bye for now

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