Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I Can't Believe It.

Just a quick post to tell you how i got on yesterday.Iwas day off from
my job as a postman and i nearly always put on weight when i'm day off.
Well i just jumped on the scales at 4.45am and found i had lost another
1.75lbs that makes 5.5lbs in 2 days and all i am doing is cutting out all
the junk food i normally eat.Even if i only lost 1lb /day i could lose all
my excess weight easily in 10 weeks.YIPPEE!!!Anyway i will write
again later on but i strongly suggest that if you have some weight to get
rid of that you go to www.lotslim.info and get yourselves some patches
cos take it from me there GREAT!! SEE YOU LATER I'M OFF TO WORK!!

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