Tuesday, 11 March 2008

At Last An Easy Way To Lose Weight!!!

My name is Paul and i have been trying to lose weight for years but steadily pound after pound has been added to me until yesterday i weighed just over 16 stones.This is not healthy i thought, and so i decided to start using a new diet patch that i'd sent away for last week It's called the Apple Patch Diet and i stuck it on yesterday each patch lasts for 3 days and it has the ability to suppress your appetite and also give you more energy.Well after using it yesterday i lost 3.75lbs (Ionly know this because i have digital weighing scales)As i went through the day yesterday i found i didn't have the cravings for chocolate and junk food that i usually have and because i cut out all nonesential food that i normally eat-THE GIANT SNICKER BARS THE STICKY BUNS THE BOTTLES OF DR. PEPPER ETCi obviously lost some weight .Idon't expect to lose that much everyday but a lb a day would soon have me down to my target weight of 11.5 stones and i can't wait until i get there,if you want to buy some as well go to :www.lotslim.info and at the moment you can buy one pack and get another free this will last you 2 months by which time you will know if its working for you till the next time all the best, Paul.

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