Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How To Lose Weight-Let's Start Again.

Here I am over 12 mths from my last post and my weight is about the same as it was back then. As from this morning my weight was 15st 8lbs and now it's time to start getting at least a stone off.
On Easter Sunday when i picked up the turkey weighing 6.2 kg 13.6lbs I thought how great it would be for my joints just to get rid of 1 stone.( though i could do with losing 4 stone)
Where do i start? with an achilles heal that was injured 7 years ago and still hurts most days and now my right knee hurts as well it really is time to start thinking about weightloss in a big way, but this time a stone at a time, and the only way to do this is going to be through small changes in my daily lifestyle which though imperceptible on their own will add up to a great weightloss in the end.
I heard this week that people who are over 45 and have fat on their stomachs can have a lot of not very nice ailments coming at them in later years, so that's another reason to get rid of it while i can.Tomorrow I will start thinking seriously but for now where's that Easter egg got to I think there's a bit left,haha!!


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